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Terms Libero Aankoop

1 Contractor
Libero BV (KVK 67210317), hereinafter referred to as 'Libero Aankoop'. Contractors within Libero Aankoop are a purchase broker, construction engineer and appraiser.

2 Agreement
2.1 The agreement comes into effect through confirmation by the client (in writing, by e-mail or otherwise) of an offer made by Libero Aankoop.
2.2 Libero Aankoop's work starts as soon as the client has decided to make an offer on the house. Before the client decides to instruct Libero Aankoop, he must be familiar with the property to be purchased. The seller or his broker has the duty to inform the client as well and as completely as possible. This information also includes (if applicable) title deeds, foundation reports, cadastral notices and extracts, environmental reports, subdivision deeds and drawings, VVE minutes and checklists, mail exchanges between parties involved, brochures, lists of immovable property and other relevant information.
2.3 Libero Aankoop will not inquire into public law or private law restrictions and therefore assumes that the client has informed himself sufficiently before the purchase order is given. In particular, Libero Aankoop will not inquire about conversion possibilities in the context of the purchase order. 
2.4 Following articles 2.2 and 2.3, the deed of sale will be legally checked. Our lawyer will check the deed of sale for deviating provisions and small print. Additional deeds (e.g. about easements) will not be checked.
2.5 Negotiations conducted by Libero Aankoop cover all real estate.
2.6 Libero Aankoop is not authorized to give advice on finance or mortgages. Only AFM recognized advisors (such as the advisors of Libero Financial) may do so.

3 Confidentiality
Both parties are obliged to keep confidential all confidential information that they have obtained from each other or from another source in the context of their agreement. Information is considered confidential if it has been communicated by the other party or if it arises from the nature of the information.

4 Houses purchased
Libero Aankoop reserves the right to present the homes purchased by us on our website(s) with the corresponding data (asking price, final price and location data), unless otherwise agreed with the client.

5 Complaints
Libero Aankoop will do everything possible to prevent complaints. But should you nevertheless have a complaint about our brokers or services we would like to hear it. We will try to find a suitable solution together with you. Complaints about the work done must be reported in writing by the client to Libero Aankoop after discovery, at the latest within 24 hours after discovery of the work in question.

You can send your complaint to Libero Aankoop via stating 'Complaint'. We will respond within fourteen days after receipt of the complaint.

6 Liability and privacy
6.1. Libero Aankoop is not liable for damage, of whatever nature, incurred by third parties engaged. Enlisted experts are themselves responsible for mistakes and/or negligence, Libero Aankoop does not take over these damages. By error is meant: omissions, mistakes, negligence or similar errors committed in the execution of the agreements, which errors could have been avoided under normal attentiveness and professional practice.
6.2. If Libero Aankoop is liable, such liability, insofar as it is covered by its liability insurance, shall be limited to the amount paid by Libero Aankoop's liability insurance in the case in question. In no event shall the total liability of Libero Aankoop for the damage suffered by the client, irrespective of the manner in which any claim is based, whether on attributable shortcoming, wrongful act or otherwise, exceed an amount equal to one time the total stipulated fee for the advice provided by Libero Aankoop (including sales tax).
6.3. Excluded is any liability for whatever damage that may arise from errors in computer software used, unless the supplier of such software accepts liability and the damage can be recovered from him.
6.4. Libero Aankoop shall (if desired) give assignments to external experts (such as architects, appraisers, notaries) on behalf of the client. If the expert commits an error, Libero Aankoop cannot be held liable for this. 
6.5. Client is responsible for providing the correct address information, both current residential address and address of the property (if any) to be purchased. Client is also responsible for passing on the correct personal details and identification (a legal obligation) to the estate agents and notary involved in the purchase of the property.
6.6. If a purchase, once concluded, has to be cancelled, because the client is unable to obtain sufficient or no money, this must be done in the manner described in the deed. Please note that this is the client's own responsibility. Excluded is any responsibility to cancel and/or to perform the actions necessary for this according to the deed.
6.7. If the property is not delivered or not delivered on time by the sellers we will advise you on the steps to take. Legally, you as the buyer have to initiate any formalities yourself.
6.8. Contractor processes personal data of the Client only for the purpose of executing the Agreement and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We consider your privacy very important. We therefore also handle your personal data very carefully. It is possible that telephone conversations are recorded. 

7 Tariff
7.1 Libero Aankoop charges a fee of € 1.695,- including VAT. You pay us a one-off administration fee of € 350 in advance. You pay the remaining amount as soon as a price agreement is reached. With Libero you get unlimited bids, control of the deed of sale, advice on the structural inspection, help in finding an appraiser and notary and a smooth completion of your home purchase. Any architectural inspection, valuer and notary are not included in the fee.
7.2 Libero Aankoop offers a 10% bonus if the purchase price is lower than the asking price. Example: if we buy € 1,000 under the asking price, you pay us € 100 bonus. This bonus only applies when buying under the asking price and in no other case. The bonus must be paid in arrears. The payment period of this invoice is 30 days. The invoice must be paid at the time of transfer. This can be done through the notary.
7.3. Libero Aankoop works indefinitely for you. If you decide to end our cooperation prematurely, i.e. before we have reached a price agreement and have purchased a property for you, you will not be entitled to a refund of the pre-paid dossier fees.
7.4. If the purchase price is established during the process, other than as a direct result of our negotiations, you will owe us the full fee of € 1,695, including 10% of the negotiation result (if applicable).
7.5. Libero Aankoop is not a web store and does not sell at a distance. Because the Distance Selling Act does not apply, you do not have a cooling-off period. After you agree that we can start the purchase scan (first phase negotiations) you implicitly agree that you waive the cooling-off period.
7.6. You cannot 'stack' Libero discounts. Only the highest discount applies. Discounts are always settled on the final invoice. If you decide to end our cooperation prematurely, your right to a discount expires. You are also not entitled to a refund of any filing fees paid.

8 Payment
8.1. You will pay us the administration fee of € 350 in advance. You pay the remaining amount as soon as a price agreement is reached. The payment term is a maximum of 30 days from the invoice date, but always no later than the day of the transfer.
8.2. If the client commissions, but the intended new owner is another legal entity (family, acquaintance etc.) the client is primarily responsible (and liable) for payment.
8.3 If the client cancels after price agreement, Libero Aankoop will charge a cancellation fee that can amount to the full amount of our complete purchase counseling, including 10% of the negotiation result (if applicable).

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