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The golden tips for purchasing a home

Would you like to know how to successfully buy a home within 15 minutes?

Our purchasing expert will explain it to you in this unique workshop.

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Successfully purchase a house?

Our purchase brokers will start making an offer or negotiating depending on your situation

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  • We place a competitive bid within 1 day
  • No price agreement? We keep trying!
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Purchase broker Libero Aankoop

Need any help making the biggest purchase of your life? Libero Aankoop offers you a complete purchase guidance for a fair price. Whatever your purchasing process may be, a purchase broker from Libero Aankoop will always help you out!

We've already helped 35.880 buyers with the purchase of their home. As the largest purchase broker in the Netherlands we buy homes every day. Is your new home next?

A successful broker

  • Unlimited We keep on trying untill success 
  • Purchase guidance across the countryIn your hometown, too
  • Fast as lightningPlaces a bid very quickly
  • Over 35.880 home buyers helpedCall in a real expert

Make your home purchase a success?

This is how Libero Aankoop does that for you!

  1. When you see a house you like, you can contact us without any obligations.
  2. We’ll work without limitations untill we bought your new house.
  3. We’ll arrange the purchase, advise you about an accompanied inspection, and help you find a valuation report.
Bonus: We’ll also help you find a good notary and will stand by you until the purchase is done.

Unlimited purchase service

€ 1.695,-

Contact us without any obligations

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