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Nowadays, obtaining a home is a lot more difficult than it was a few years ago. The scarcity is becoming noticeable in increasingly larger parts of our country. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to employ a new approach that combines the creation of goodwill with a solid bid. A purchase broker is the key to obtaining the home of your dreams regardless of the situation. We’re thrilled to see that negotiating continues to yield good results despite the fact that there are more and more popular homes for sale. No matter what your purchasing process may be, hiring a Libero Aankoop broker will always work to your benefit!

Numbers indicate the success of our purchasing guidance. We have assisted no less than 23.370 buyers in the purchase of their homes to date. Being the largest purchase broker in the Netherlands, we often hear that our expertise exceeds that of most other brokers.

Our purchasing guidance team of specialists and brokers moves with the market. This allows us to purchase popular homes as well as homes with negotiating space for the best price available.

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Bonus: We’ll also assist you in finding a suitable notary and will stand by you until the purchase is concluded.

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