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Libero Aankoop is only concerned with purchasing homes. As a result, there are no conflicting interests relating to your purchase. We stand for placing professional bids that get the best result possible. Being only a purchase broker plays an important part in getting these results. It ensures nothing stands in our way to make competitive offers or to negotiate until we get the absolute floor price.

3.3 times more likely

You want to maximize the odds of getting your dream home, right? Hiring one of Libero Aankoop’s purchase brokers means that you choose to increase those odds by a factor of 3.3. You play a strong hand during the purchasing process with Libero Aankoop at your side. The opposing party will know that you’re seriously interested and loves to negotiate with a purchase broker. Above all, Libero Aankoop will ensure you come out as the absolute winner despite the current overstrained housing market.

Complete purchasing guidance

Libero Aankoop helps you during the entire purchasing process. We stand by you from the moment your eyes fall on the home of your dreams until the transfer at the notary. This means you call in a Libero Aankoop purchase broker from the moment you find a home that takes your interest. Now that’s what we call a complete purchasing guidance.

National purchase broker

Libero Aankoop operates in all of the Netherlands, including your area. Being an online purchase broker allows us to act with extreme swiftness. You can contact us online or by phone. The experts we call in, who’ll perform the structural inspection and valuation for example, will come from your area. This is one of the advantages of having Libero Aankoop as your purchase broker.

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