Successfully purchase a house?

A Libero Aankoop purchase broker can help you out

Start your purchasing process

Phase 1

Congratulations, you’re going to buy a home! After some initial orientation, this is where the real work begins. If you already have a specific home in mind, we’ll gladly inform you on how we conduct our free purchase scan. If you haven’t found the home of your dreams yet, however, we’ll naturally help you in any way we can.

Purchase scan

Phase 2

We’ll discuss your situation during a phone conversation with one of our purchase brokers so we can make a purchase scan. Following this conversation, we’ll know exactly what strategy to follow and whether we should place a bid or negotiate. We’ll support you further by giving advice and by helping you choose a mortgage adviser.

Purchase check

Phase 3

Negotiations have succeeded and our offer has been accepted, so the house is now almost yours! We’ll involve experts to carry out a structural inspection and a validated valuation the moment there’s an agreement about the purchase price. You don’t need to do this yourself, Libero Aankoop will handle this for you. Finally, we’ll carry out a juridical review of the purchase deed and help you find a capable notary. All of these services are included in the price.

Improve your chances with a purchase broker

If there are multiple interested parties it’s likely that we’ll have to make an offer for a house. Getting help from one of Libero Aankoop’s purchase brokers improves the odds of obtaining the home of your dreams by 3.3 times, compared to you handling the purchasing process yourself.

We’ll push the limits

If there’s any room to negotiate, we’ll negotiate for you until we get the floor price. This works greatly to your benefit, because, on average, a purchase broker from Libero Aankoop buys the home of your dreams for 4.6% under the asking price (in 2018). Check out our purchased homes.

Get the whole package for 1.995,-Including a structural inspection and valuation report

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