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The golden tips for purchasing a home

Would you like to know how to successfully buy a home within 15 minutes?

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Unlimited purchase guidance

Libero Aankoop takes all your worries away


Phase 1

Any help is welcome when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life. It is best to view a house yourself, after all, you are going to live there! Libero Aankoop is happy to give you tips and tricks about where to find your new home. If you already have a house in mind, contact us and we will start with a purchase scan. There are many financial aspects to consider when purchasing a home. We also help you find a good mortgage advisor.

Buying a house

Phase 2

During a telephone conversation with one of our purchase brokers, we will go through your situation together to make a purchase scan. After this conversation, we know exactly which strategy we will use to successfully purchase the home for you. We do everything in consultation with you, we will never do anything without your approval. Libero Aankoop works for you indefinitely, so you don't have to worry that we will stop after a few bids. We continue until we have bought a home for you, without you paying extra for it.

Offer accepted

Phase 3

The offer has been accepted, so we are going to finalize the sale. Libero Aankoop also helps you here. We check the deed of sale, advise you about a building inspection and guide the process up to the notary. In addition, we help you choose an appraiser and a notary. This service is included in the price.

Improve your chances with a purchase broker

If there's more than one party interested we'll probably have to make an offer. With help from a Libero Aankoop purchase broker you'll get the home of your dreams 3.4 times more likely than if you tried handling things yourself.

We are here for you unlimited

At Libero Aankoop you don't have to worry that we won't work for you after a few bids. That's not how it works in the current housing market. Libero Aankoop has a purchase guarantee: we will continue until we have bought a home for you. Check out our purchased homes.

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