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Purchase scan

You discuss your situation for free with one of our purchase brokers. If you want us to work for you, you pay us a one-off administration fee of € 350. Talk to your purchase broker.


Bidding and negotiating

Libero Aankoop will start finding the floor price for the home you want immediately.


Accompanied inspection

An accompanied inspection helps you find out about the state of the home. Doing this means you've also met the examination requirement.


Valuation report

You need a valuation report to get a mortgage.


Completing the purchase

The purchase deed is sometimes difficult to understand. That’s why we’ll examine the deed and tell you what’s in it. On top of that we'll also help you find a notary. Now that's convenient!

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Negotiating result

If there’s any room to negotiate, we’ll negotiate for you until we get the floor price. This works greatly to your benefit, because a purchase broker from Libero Aankoop buys the home of your dreams for 4.6% under the asking price on average (in 2018).

We charge a percentage of the negotiating result for our negotiations. This is good for the both of us. The more our purchase broker manages to lower the price, the higher his reward and the cheaper your eventual home purchase will be. If the asking price of a home is € 600,000 or higher our broker commission will be reduced. You won't pay 10% of the negotiating result, but a lower percentage that will be discussed on request.

Sample calculation

Not a broker commission, but a reward

Libero Aankoop doesn’t work with a broker commission, but with a reward for the purchase broker based on the negotiating result. Didn't we manage to negotiate a lower price? Then you only pay us the all-in rate.

How much do I pay if the purchase is canceled?

In case you decide to cancel when there is no price agreement yet, we'll charge € 350,- administration costs. In case you decide to cancel when there already is a price agreement, we'll charge cancelation costs. These costs range anywhere from € 695 to € 2,345 and are based on your situation specifically.

We don't have any conflicting interests

Libero Aankoop is only a purchase broker and therefore has no conflicting interests. We're not concerned with selling homes.

Very popular these days: the online purchase broker

We’re an online purchase broker. The main advantage of this is that we can act very quickly. Besides, our purchase brokers will never keep you waiting long if you have any questions.

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